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Treat Your Vehicle with New Tires at Gilbert Ford

No part of your vehicle should interact with the road more than your tires. However, because of this constant interaction, your tires will start to wear down and lose tread. This interaction will lead to compromised control and safety issues without proper maintenance and routine replacement. That's where the team at Gilbert Ford can help! We can set your vehicle up with the right tires when yours are a little too worn down, ensuring that you never need to compromise your safety!

With a variety of popular brands available like Firestone, Goodyear, Bridgestone, and much more, your summer, all-season, and winter tires are easy to find today!

How to Keep Your Tires in Good Condition

Your tires need routine maintenance to stay operating at peak performance level. Thankfully, our service experts can help you out with that. We recommend you schedule tire rotations and wheel alignments with some frequency - these services can help maintain your tires and keep them in good working order for a longer period. Even tire wear is important to a long lifespan, and our service experts will help get the most out of your vehicle's tires.

We'll also monitor tread depth and tire pressure and advise you on when we think you should have the tires replaced. We'll help you pick out the right size, kind, and brand and install them for you at our Ford-Certified service center. We'll have you back on the road in no time!

Why Buying Local Matters

If you're tire shopping and not quite sure what you need, we here at Gilbert Ford drive the same roads you do and experience everything from hurricane conditions to blazing heat just like you. Paired with our extensive knowledge of tire brands and styles, we've got the insight to match the right tire to your vehicle type for the climate we live in. Not only that, we're conveniently located near Port St. Lucie and Belle Glade so you can visit our service center and talk with one of our technicians about how you use your vehicle and what kind of tire can best help you meet your requirements.

Schedule Your Service Appointment Today with Gilbert Ford

Has your tire pressure warning light come on? Is it time for a routine tire rotation? Gilbert Ford can help you out. Whether it's time for your next service appointment or you need new tires for your Ford truck, our team can help you out! We can even help you save money on your new tires - check out the specials here, and see what we can do to get your vehicle back on the road!

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Tire Brands We Offer

We carry a wide selection of tire brands and styles so you have more variety when it's time to buy a new set. You'll recognize classic tire brands among the list, with specialty brands and newer choices giving you the power of greater customization to get exactly what you need for the way you use your vehicle. The brands we carry include:

  • Goodyear
  • Dunlop
  • Kelly Tires
  • Michelin®
  • BF Goodrich®
  • Uniroyal
  • Hankook
  • Continental
  • General Tire
  • Pirelli®
  • Bridgestone
  • Firestone
  • Yokohama®
  • Toyo®
  • Nitto®
  • Falken
  • Many other brands!
  • How to Get the Most Value From Your Tire Purchase 

    Tires can represent a significant investment in your vehicle, so you want to get the most use from them over their lifespan. While most Okeechobee drivers love the idea of finding cheap tires, these don't always deliver the right performance or longevity for your vehicle type. If you want to get the most use out of your brand-new set, you'll want a design that fits your needs while also delivering a quality performance.

    You'll also need to give them regular maintenance, which includes checking the pressure and having them regularly rotated so they don't develop uneven wear patterns that will significantly shorten their lifespan.

    At Gilbert Ford, we've streamlined the tire buying process to make it far more pleasant from start to finish. On top of giving you the benefit of our knowledge and experience when it comes to choosing the right tire, we also offer a shuttle service to get you to and from home and a comfortable waiting area with free Wi-Fi to enjoy while you wait. We can install your tires and provide the full range of maintenance services and repairs right onsite. Our tires also come with both parts and labor warranties so you can buy with confidence.

    Different Tire Designs and What They Do

    We realize the sheer variety of both styles and brands of tires can feel overwhelming. What if you just need a good all-around tire that can also handle a heavy Florida downpour? Should you buy an all-season tire or one that is designed specifically for rain? And which brand is the right one? At Gilbert Ford serving the Stuart area, we want to simplify the tire selection process, so you drive away with the exact tire to match your driving needs.

    While tires at one time only came in one style, you're now offered a whole range of different specialty treads and rubber blends to get a specific kind of performance from your tires. We want to help demystify the different varieties so you can make an informed choice the next time you purchase tires for your vehicle.


    Many drivers choose an all-season tire because it offers a happy medium with its tread design capable of handling summer heat, moderate rain and even a bit of snow for those times when you're driving north during the winter. They're the right tire for someone who spends a lot of their time on paved roads, perhaps commuting to work or driving daily to school. They're also appropriate for sedans, SUVs and minivans. All-seasons provide a smooth, quiet ride even at highway speeds and hold up reliably for years of excellent performance. There's a reason they're so popular among a wide variety of drivers.


    Similar to all-seasons, the performance tire's tread pattern is formulated to handle precipitation and is rated for higher speeds than that of the all-season. Its chemical composition also differs, incorporating more silica in its rubber blend. These differences result in a tire that offers more grip under different weather conditions and speeds than its all-season counterpart.

    Summer Tires

    One of the most popular choices to combat the blazing Florida sun's effect on asphalt, the summer tire has a radically different chemical composition for its rubber that keeps it stiff even in the July heat. You may already have a day nearing 100 degrees, but when you add blazing asphalt temperatures as well as the heat generated by the friction of tire meeting road, it's a daunting prospect for most tires to maintain their grip. Summer tires can handle this heat with ease, keeping your vehicle reliably navigating the hottest roads while maintaining traction.

    The summer tread pattern will also seem relatively smooth; this is ideal for maintaining contact with the road and ensuring grip. Summer tires can also handle normal rainy conditions easily. However, if you're planning to drive your vehicle to New England in January to visit friends or family, this is not the right tire for snowy conditions. This is a tire ideal for high performance vehicles in the warm climate we enjoy in Okeechobee.


    Touring tires have a lot of similarities with all-season tires. They can handle a variety of weather conditions well, but they truly excel by fine tuning handling, offering greater precision while driving. This makes them perfect for sedans or high-performance vehicles, where their handling capabilities will mesh perfectly with the vehicle's enhanced performance abilities, even at higher speeds.


    If you've got a truck or an SUV, you may want a highway tire, as they're formulated for all-season driving while also delivering a smooth performance. They're ideal for towing and hauling if you're planning a weekend of water fun at the lake or the ocean. Their tread pattern tends to whisk water away by diverting it through channels in the tread design. They also resist uneven wear patterns, one of the most common causes of flats and blowouts, making them a durable option for long term driving.


    All-terrain tires offer a nubby tread pattern capable of digging into a variety of surfaces like mud or sand and delivering admirable traction. They're ideal for a truck or SUV that you plan to take on an off-roading adventure. In spite of their aggressive tread, they offer a relatively quiet and comfortable ride once you're back on the pavement. While there are also tires dedicated specifically to mud driving, they don't offer quite the same balance as an all-terrain design, making them more of a niche variety that may leave many drivers wishing for less road noise and smoother performance delivered by an all-terrain design.

    We're Here to Help You Find the Right New Tires in Okeechobee

    Tires are our specialty at Gilbert Ford, and we're dedicated to giving our customers the right set of tires to match their needs. Whether you want a rugged tire for off-roading, a high-performance tire, or a good all-around tread for everyday driving in the Okeechobee area, we'll listen to your requirements and match you with the perfect choice for your needs and budget. We can also help with alignments, rotations, seasonal swaps or pressure and tread checks.

    Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you have about tires, installation or anything else; we're happy to help with all of your tire needs.